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996Mo'features requested

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  • Fred Hillhouse
    Apr 2, 2010
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      Hi Lynn,
      Another feature request:
      Show position while moving cursor about the map.
      Show position at current GPS position.
      Allow user to select which position format; DDD.ddddd, DDMM.mmmm, Maidenhead (min 6 places). Multiple formats at a time would be a extra option, such as, DDD.ddddd and Maidenhead.
      Just like Lays potato chips, can't have just one:
      The ability to click on a point on the map to add; waypoint (save to GPX file), object (semi-permanent or temporary).
      The ability to add at the current GPS position; waypoint (save to GPX file), object (semi-permanent or temporary).
      Semi-permanent means one that is sent on a regular basis until it is deleted. This could be a field day set up, repeater, etc.
      Temporary means an object that is sent a couple of times (to insure throughput) to indicate something of temporary status, such as an traffic accident or fire.
      Best regards,
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