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99Re: [aprsisce] Constant DATA streaming?

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  • Lynn W. Deffenbaugh
    Oct 26, 2009
      n1kcg wrote:
      > Lynn -
      > 1) is the APRSIS-CE application constantly maintaining a DATA STREAM connectivity to the internet, via my data plan on my phone? In other words, while I am beaconing, do I have a connection via my data plan, that never disconnects?
      Yes, for APRS-IS to function correctly by displaying all activity, a
      constant TCP connection to the APRS-IS server is necessary. This is
      true even if you are NOT beaconing. The incoming connection is
      controlled by Enables/APRS-IS Enabled. The transmission of your current
      location is a combination of GPS Enabled and Tracking Enabled.
      Telemetry can also be independently enabled in the current version.
      > 2) Or does APRSIS-CE make a connection,; send a beacon; and then disconnect?
      This would be the equivalent of a transmit-only tracker and is not
      supported by APRSISCE. The whole purpose of the client is to provide
      visibility to what's around you as well as providing visibility of you
      to others. That's why I recommend an unlimited data plan.
      > 3) I assume that I need to have a constant functioning of my GPS circuit in my cellphone, in order for APRSIS-CE to work. Is that correct?
      Sort of. In order to transmit your position, yes, you have to keep the
      GPS enabled. However, to conserve battery life (the GPS eats more than
      the data connection), I routinely disable my GPS (double-click on the
      gps fix status box) when going indoors. This allows the client to keep
      the current picture up-to-date with respect to others, but saves power
      by not running the GPS when you're not significantly moving.

      Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile
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