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970Re: [aprsisce] New release problem and old questions

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  • Colin Catlin
    Apr 1, 2010
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      Hi Lynn,

      If it is any help, Version 2010/04/0108:44 works fine on my WM5 O5.1.465 (Build 15673.3.3.1) Orange M3100.


      On 01/04/2010 15:45, Lynn W. Deffenbaugh wrote:

      Krzysiek wrote:
      > thanks for prompt answer.
      > I expected that my previous requests/questions were already answsered or
      > concerned by you.
      > Anyway, it was much easier for me to rise them than to search in your long
      > ToDo list.
      > I hope you'll forgive me this approach ;-).
      > Next time I promise to save your time searching first in your features/ToDo
      > database.

      Not a problem. I believe that for every person that asks a question,
      there's probably 3 or 4 more that are interested in the answer. Ask
      away! Sometimes my ToDo list items aren't worded correctly or are
      incomplete and there only as reminders to me for more than what the
      words say.

      > Regarding last release incompatibility with my WM5.0, if any help from my
      > side (logs or so) can be usefull just tell me.

      It doesn't give you any messages when you run it, does it? Something
      about not being a valid windows application? I suspect I'm using some
      Windows Mobile 6 feature, but I need to track down what it might be. I
      did try building a version for Windows Mobile 5, but apparently I don't
      have the full development environment in place yet.

      > Probably this is language issue but I didn't cach what you mentioned in PS.
      > "but if you switch to development updates, you can have a sneak preview".
      > What development updates you mean and where can I find them? It is about
      > release notes?

      If you edit the XML configuration file
      (http://aprsisce. wikidot.com/ editing-xml- configuration) and set the
      <Update.Development > value to 1, the About version check will check for
      a development version rather than a released version. Be aware that the
      development versions are sometimes unstable and may do unexpected things
      (like the TraceLock window in there now). Instability will usually
      clear up in a few hours with another new version when I'm working on
      it. You can always set the <Update.Development > back to 0 and do an
      About to get back to the latest release version.

      Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

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