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95Re: [aprsisce] Re: wake up from battery save mode

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  • Lynn W. Deffenbaugh
    Oct 23, 2009
      Very good info and I'll give "ScreenOff" a try. I've been looking for
      something like that.

      One correction though. The power button doesn't suspend APRSISCE (at
      least on my Tilt). It DOES shut off the GPS. I do this routinely when
      I walk inside a building. The APRS-IS incoming stream continues to
      operate as I've received APRS-IS messages after turning off the phone.
      I know that beaconing stops because the GPS no longer reports a fix.

      Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

      Kevin Jensen wrote:
      > Okay did further testing to find a way to run APRSISCE continuous, on
      > battery power only, and found:
      > 1) Never, never, never hit the power button on your cellphone to
      > blank the screen. Even though in theory, the phone under WM6 should
      > keep the applications running in the background; instead it puts all
      > applications in SUSPEND, thus turning off applications. This is no
      > good for APRSISCE, as it turns it off. Even with the S2U2
      > application, and APRSISCE loaded as a excepted application to S2U2,
      > somehow APRSISCE goes into suspend.
      > 2) Instead, to save on battery power, install the applications
      > "ScreenOff", and map a button to the application. This tool will just
      > turn the screen off, and do nothing else. Everything else on your WM6
      > phone will keep working. If you want the screen back on gain hit the
      > power on button for your phone, and the phone comes back on. Even the
      > data stream keeps running while the screen is blanked with ScreenOff.
      > 3) Also would like to recommend the WM6 application "LvmTopBat" as it
      > will keep a thin battery power status bar at the top of every
      > application. This is great for watching the battery decrease in power
      > while running APRSISCE.
      > Just tried this all on my drive to work today. The whole trip was
      > beaconing and it all recorded and was displayed on a APRS.FI web page.
      > All while the phone was on battery power only, and the screen was
      > turned off. No issues for the 1/2 hour drive.
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