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8903Re: APRSISCE/32 server feeding RadioMobile

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  • gsdatplace
    Apr 11, 2011
      Time for me to go crawling back into my little hole over here and hang my head...

      Its not RadioMobile I'm interested in getting data into in this case, just saw the thread seemed most applicable to my question.

      Specifically I've been trying to get Balloon Track connected to APRSISCE so it can get all the telemetry data received for our balloon launches and payload tracking and flight prediction.

      I've got it going (somewhat) now, and yes, I was logging into telnet and sending the auth commands, specifically:
      user VE6RKY pass -1 filter default
      thinking I didn't want a filter since what I thought I read was that the local server was the filtered input into aprsisce, until after re-reading a couple of times I realized filtering was needed on both sides and started using:
      user VE6RKY pass -1 filter t/poimqstunw

      Thats when I started to see data flowing. Even though I had entered my call, even entered my valid passcode balloon track wouldn't connect no matter what I did. That's when I started seeing in the IS logs that when I telnet'd in I'd get:
      Local Server:2011-04-11T18:40:16.405 Server:user VE6RKY pass -1 filter t/poimqstunw
      Local Server:2011-04-11T18:40:16.406 Processing(user VE6RKY pass -1 filter t/poimqstunw)
      Local Server:2011-04-11T18:40:16.406 [0] VE6RKY NOT Verified Filter(t/poimqstunw) (user VE6RKY pass -1 filter t/poimqstunw)

      but balloon track only ever got:
      Local Server:2011-04-11T18:39:27.559 TCP-Listener accepted connection 0/16 from

      Which pointed me to a authentication issue. Even though its set to authenticate and send callsign/passcode & filter data its not sending it, so aprsisce wasn't talking to it. Apparently ui-view didn't care about having a user authenticate so I didn't think there was anything wrong until trying a local feed with APRSISCE. When I manually pasted the user auth info into its message window and sent it as a message aprsisce showed the user connection and has started working now.

      Thanks again Lynn and sorry to be a bother lol, now to go start playing with all the other new features you've added since I was last playing with aprsisce hehe.


      --- In aprsisce@yahoogroups.com, "Lynn W Deffenbaugh (Mr)" <kj4erj@...> wrote:
      > An APRS-IS connection of any sort defaults to sending NO packets until
      > you supply a filter to tell it what you want. So, after telnetting to
      > the server port, you need to send a logon string followed by, or
      > including, a filter spec. I use the following in my testing.
      > telnet <serverport>
      > user <callsign>-TS pass -1
      > #filter b/<callsign>*
      > (of course, put your serverport and callsign in place of <serverport>
      > and <callsign>)
      > Then if you hit transmit on one of your other instances (or even the
      > same instance) you should see the position packet.
      > Just don't try any "Me"-relative filters unless you're ready to craft a
      > position packet for <callsign>-TS.
      > Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32
      > PS. Reset easy Adam, this is not an "Intro to APRS", but more like
      > Intermediate APRS. Just like most everything in Amateur Radio, there's
      > always places to learn more, and hopefully, eventually, the APRSISCE/32
      > Wiki will become a good guide to the various levels of features of the
      > client.
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