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8894Re: APRSISCE/32 server feeding RadioMobile

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  • g4ilo
    Apr 11, 2011
      Um, I think the only benefit is that if the stations you are interested in (repeaters, fixed stations, mobiles etc.) are on APRS then you can get their positions directly instead of having to enter them manually. Then you can investigate the paths between them. That's what I described here http://blog.g4ilo.com/2011/04/getting-plot.html where you can see I looked at the path between my station and a mountaintop WOTA activator who popped up. If you have someone driving around you can see how actual propagation matches the predicted coverage.

      Julian, G4ILO

      --- In aprsisce@yahoogroups.com, "apenadragon" <kc2ant@...> wrote:
      > *eyes glaze over*
      > I see where this is a useful tool, but I'm thinking it's beyond my current level of understanding...
      > SO, here comes the stupid question, what benifit does connecting this with APRS data give?
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