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8383RE: [aprsisce] APRSISCE/32 server feeding RadioMobile

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  • Steve Daniels
    Apr 1, 2011


      The installer on that link is a big help,

      Obviously you still need to follow James guide on how to link to aprsis


      The underlying algorithms that Radio Mobile use are free





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      Good work there James.

      Seems it’s a lot easier to get decent elevation data if you live in the US or Canada

      If anyone finds good Data for the UK please let me know

      Also the OSM option is good





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      Subject: [aprsisce] APRSISCE/32 server feeding RadioMobile



      Here's a quick rundown of feeding APRS data from APRSISCE/32 to RadioMobile.

      Setup a server port on APRSISCE/32

      Configure|Ports|New Port

      Select IS-Server as the type, and give it a name.

      Set the IP to, the local loopback address. Choose the
      desired port number... I picked 14439.

      Under Enable|Ports, make sure your new IS-Port is checked.

      Start up RadioMobile.

      Go to the APRS setup under


      Set the APRS Server IP to, and set the port to the same port
      number you used above. Check APRS Enabled. Select the first unit to
      push your APRS data into, and click apply.

      You should start seeing APRS stations appear in the left panel.

      If you close that window, and have a map up in the right area, you'll
      also see the stations on the map.

      If you don't have a map up, click

      Edit|Fit Map to Units

      You can also click

      Edit|Merge Pictures

      and pick a map to stick in the background.


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