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7235Re: Does not appear to be receiving >>Cancel<

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  • kb1ejh
    Mar 1, 2011
      Cancel the last BOLO for help, I had MENU 350 set to OFF. The PC Port Output was set to OFF. So it would transmit but not receive. Here I was looking in the program and the answer was in the radio...

      --- In aprsisce@yahoogroups.com, "kb1ejh" <kb1ejh@...> wrote:
      > GM all, I am trying to get APRSISCE/32 working with a D72. I am using the USB cable to the D72 with a WinXP OS computer. I can transmit but I don't seem to receive anything local. The D72 receives the signals, and will digi a signal but it does not go in to the APRSISCE/32. I have tried the setting but am not getting any where.
      > What did I miss???
      > Carl,KB1EJH
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