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7223Re: [aprsisce] Re: APRSISCE/32 short presentation?

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  • Colin Catlin
    Feb 28, 2011
      I did almaost exactly what Rob did.

      Just fired up APRSIS32 on our Clubs Netbook and ran through the various menus/dropdowns taking questions as I went. Including a live APRS Chat with Lynn.

      That was sometime ago, not sure I could confidently do the same now with the latest Development version, Lynn has added so much new stuff so quickly I haven't been able to keep up.

      If I were to try the same now I would have to prepare a bit of a route through the menus/dropdowns and have a bit of a script prepared but still would do it that way rather than try anything on Powerpoint.


      On 28/02/2011 17:11, Rob Giuliano wrote:
      The last couple presentation I did for APRS did not even use powerpoint.  I literally connected my laptop to a projector and did a setup of APRSIS32 on it.
      1.  Copied the file (in my case from a thumb drive to a usable location on teh hard drive
      2.  Ran the EXE file and stepped through setup
            a) Client Config window
                    left password at -1, but explained it
                    Set Quiet to 0 (zero)
                    Left everything else at defaults until later
                    Skipped Genius and NMEA until later
            b) Moved map to location and zoomed for detail
                > Menu <Transmit> to set location
            c) Let some data come through and then explain what is it is
                With current weather conditions, this could get rather interesting!
                > stations
                > objects
                > any other info and symbols
            d) Then I went back to explain filtering
                 Provided a handout of filtering page from the WEB
            e) after that, I started to cover allowing it to transmit
                  > first APRSIS password
                  > Then TNC configuration
          I had my car sending data and a MicroTrak8000 stuck in a window to ensure I'd see at least 1 station with a minimal setup in a conference room.  Luckily we had a window to set the Microtrack near.
            f) Beyond that, I gave info on the user group and WIKI (in the handout)
      3.  That pretty much covered the 30 minute talk I gave, but I did discuss a bit about trackers vs APRS stations.  This was somewhat discussed as stations came in.
      Almost everyone there commented about how much better it was to see a setup from scratch and watch it "pull in station" rather than see slides and not necessarily have access.

      Robert Giuliano


      The difference between CW and other digital
      modes comes down to 2 characters:
      ASCII Character 32 (hex 20) a defined space
      ASCII Character 12 (hex 0C) a carriage return (line designation)

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