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7082Re: Good palmtop for aprsisce/32?

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  • KE6BB
    Feb 25, 2011
      I use an HP iPAQ 111 with a Freedom Keychain Bluetooth GPS purchased from Amazon.com but available other places as well. The iPAQ has WiFi (including WEP and WPA) and Bluetooth. Any of the 11X series (110, 111, 112, etc.) should work. The different model numbers in this series don't differ in any way that I can see. They can be found on e-bay at times for about $100 or so. I do wish the iPAQ had longer battery life, though. I think there are bigger batteries on e-bay, but I haven't tried them yet.

      I'm not completely sure APRSISCE runs on ALL iPAQ's. I looked for ones that ran Windows Mobile v5 or v6. I think mine may actually have v6.5 on it. There is a lot of info on Wikipedia if you search on iPAQ.

      The Keychain GPS works really well with any Bluetooth device including my either of my laptops. Start it up, get it to lock on, link it to the iPAQ (or other device), stick it in my pocket, and forget it. It even works in the car that way. It has very long battery life and seems to work great from my pocket. If you accidentally forget to shut it off after the iPAQ is shut down, it will go into the sleep mode and the battery seems to last forever.

      For RF, I use a TT4 in KISS mode (OT1+ works well, also, and is somewhat cheaper but doesn't have quite as much capability but works great for a KISS modem) with a Bluetooth to Serial device I picked up on e-Bay for about $35. The bluetooth to serial device talks to the iPAQ, and aprsisce thinks it is a serial port. I think IO Gear makes one for a bit more $ that is already in a case and has a 9-pin connector that plugs into the TT4 Serial port connector. That might be easier to set up and get it running. The other connector of the TT4 goes to my radio.

      Of course none of the is "turnkey", and requires some research to get it all working. I feel that this is a part of that Amateur Radio is all about.


      --- In aprsisce@yahoogroups.com, Kurt Savegnago <ksaves2@...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      >   A fellow from another group asked me what would be a good palmop to use with APRSISCE or small/mini laptop for APRSIS32.  I just run it on a laptop but am curious about those who have success with a smaller "venue" that is not a cellphone. :-)
      >                                                                     Kurt KC9LDH
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