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7073Re: [aprsisce] Good palmtop for aprsisce/32?

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  • Colin Catlin
    Feb 25, 2011
      I like HP iPaqs, I have an HX2750 and an HW6910 (but that is a phone as well). I have also used an HX2210 but that didn't have WiFi so needed lots of CF/SD card swaping for file transfers.


      On 25/02/2011 20:16, Kurt Savegnago wrote:

        A fellow from another group asked me what would be a good palmop to use with APRSISCE or small/mini laptop for APRSIS32.  I just run it on a laptop but am curious about those who have success with a smaller "venue" that is not a cellphone. :-)
                                                                          Kurt KC9LDH

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