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67Installed APRSISCE6P090811

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  • ve2khc
    Sep 28, 2009

        Greetings! I downloaded and installed APRSISCE6P090811 on my HP iPAQ 6955 with WM5.

        It appears to functioning correctly. I have been able to send messages from the HP to the APRS group. There is a 'small' issue with the callsigns being displayed on the left side of the screen -- only able to see the first three (3) digits available.

        I can post a screen shot tomorrow if requested.

        The APRS-IS is a worthy tool for ARES use on a pocket PC.

      Thanking-you in advance.

      de James, VE2KHC
      Montreal, Canada
      James Keep, VE2KHC
      RAC Certified Emergency Coordinator (EC) – Vaudreuil-Soulanges ARES


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