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5477Remote serial ports

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  • Reuben Wells
    Jan 16, 2011
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      Hi Lynn,

      Would you consider adding support for using KISS over TCP/IP? I have my radio and TNC (TinyTrak4) outside and I'm currently running an iGate on an embedded controller running OpenWrt connected to the rest of the world over Wifi. I'd like to look at using Aprsisce running on a PC in the house and controlling the TinyTrak4, with the OpenWrt device providing the Wifi to serial port. I'm currently looking at remserial (http://lpccomp.bc.ca/remserial/) which creates a socket that clients can connect to over the network.

      Alternatively has anyone tried using APRSISCE with ldsped (http://www.on7lds.net/ldsped/) which is supposed to be a drop in replacement for AGWPE. This might be an option, but seems more complicated than necessary compared to using KISS to a remote serial port.

      Finally, I know there are commercial Wifi to serial port network devices, that come with windows drivers, which I should just work out of the box but these cost $$$s.


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