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526Yes, ANOTHER new release!

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  • Lynn W. Deffenbaugh
    Mar 1, 2010
      Here's a release that some of you running without GPSs will enjoy. You
      can now move your position by simply dragging the screen and hitting
      Transmit. One acknowledgment of your intent and you've been moved!

      And, the bottom of the circle now tells you if you're tracking yourself
      (S as before), Panning around, or Tracking some other station.

      And there's a Screen/Tracking menu to center back on the tracked
      station, track and center on you, and LOCK the tracking so that even if
      you pan around, the very next position update will recenter on the
      tracked station (even if it is you).

      But wait, there's more! I forget who requested it, but you can now set
      up an APRSIS32 at home tracking your mobile and it will continue
      tracking your mobile after a restart. It will display
      "Awaiting(xxxxx-n)" at the bottom of the circle until the first position
      update is heard. Then it will center on that position and change to
      "Tracking(xxxxx-n)". If you've got Screen / Tracking / Locked checked,
      even if the screen is dragged away, it will jump back to center on the
      next position update.

      But enough rambling. The list below is from the top of the release
      notes, but if you want to see the ToDos, you'll have to download them
      from the Files section while you're out there getting the new release.

      Upgrade it now, and let me know what you'd like to see next (I know,
      metric units! Polish translation, and AGW transmit!)...

      Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

      Release Notes:

      Windows Mobile:

      Win32: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/aprsisce/files/APRSIS32100301.zip

      Short List (well, maybe not so short):

      With GPS Disabled (or not configured), Clicking Transmit will ask if you
      want to move to the screen center. This will let you move your
      coordinates around after the original setup without editing the XML file!

      Bottom of circle shows Center/Tracking status (S is tracking me to center)

      Screen / Tracking menu options to a) Re-center on Tracked station, b)
      Track and Center Me, c) Lock tracking (drag is canceled on position
      update, forces tracked station back to center)

      If you were tracking a station when you close the program, it will wait
      for that station to appear and auto-track it on restart. Track
      something else to cancel.

      If a message or ack is heard from a station, that station will be marked
      as "Message Capable" adding Message and Yes/No to the menu/popup

      Messages now gate from -IS to RF as 3rd party packets if the destination
      station was "recently" heard "locally". They are currently sent on ALL
      enabled RF interfaces (although AGW is still receive-only)

      A rolling window of 10 APRSISxx.LOG files is saved. 01 through 09 is
      appended to the name for the older logs. Please zip and send ALL of
      them if you have support requests!

      When an RF interface is enabled, the scrolling station pane wasn't
      sizing wide enough for the *n suffix for RF-received packets. It does now.

      The XML configuration saver can now handle an & symbol or overlay!

      The program can now properly format !DAO! extended precision beacons.
      They'll be configurable in a future revision but are currently used for
      RFID beacons.

      View / RFID will filter the display to stations with HA or RA symbols
      (Box overlayed with H or R) for RFID

      Non-GPS beacons were going out with a 000000h timestamp. The beacon now
      includes the system's time in UTC.
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