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514Re: [aprsisce] APRSISCE and OpenTracker2

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  • Lynn W. Deffenbaugh
    Mar 1, 2010
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      Fred Hillhouse wrote:
      > I am running a Tracker2 mainly as a tracker in my vehicle. Prior to
      > APRSISCE, I used SmartPalm running on a Palm M130. With SmartPalm, it
      > left the Tracker2 Settings alone and I used it mainly to see other
      > traffic and send an occasionally message. With an acquisition of a
      > laptop, I am now running APRSISCE.

      I suspect you mean APRSIS32, but that's ok. They're the same source
      code with two different platform builds and very few features in one
      that are not in the other.

      > I had TEXT enabled and could see other stations appear and such but
      > sending a message (EMAIL) never seemed to work. At lunch I
      > re-configured the T2 and APRSISCE for KISS and the messaging worked. I
      > did notice that it kept trying to send. I only know it worked because
      > when I got back to my office, I had each email I sent myself.

      I suspect that there were no bi-directional, transmitting IGates in your
      area, but there was a receiving IGate. The acknowledgments from EMAIL-2
      were not getting back to the client, so it did 5 retransmissions (I'm
      guessing). Even the EMAIL-2 confirmation message was probably not
      delivered to the RF environment where you were listening.

      You can confirm that stations are actually being received from RF and
      not -IS by toggling View / RF / All on. It will automatically turn off
      the View / All and you should only see "recent" RF stattions after
      that. Direct and Local restrict the RF view even further and can be
      remotely queried by sending an APRS message containing ?APRSD or ?APRSL.

      > I have set APRSISCE to N7FMH-1 while the OT2 is N7FMH-9. Should they
      > be different? Both are appearing on APRS.FI.

      Yes, they should be different and this is good. I use -12 for my
      APRSISCE/32 client based on the recommendations I copied into

      > My intention is for the T2 to operate with or without the laptop
      > connected so all the settings in it need to stay intact. Can I expect
      > this?

      Yes, the T2 is the same as my T2-135 which I used in a similar mode,
      although I don't have the luxury of running the Nuvi 350 and KISS at the
      same time. I'm still considering bringing the second port out the rear
      connector on my Alinco DR-135 so that I can keep one port in Garmin mode
      for the Nuvi and the other port in KISS mode for a BlueTooth to serial
      link to APRSISCE on my cellphone.

      Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

      > Thanks!
      > Best regards,
      > Fred
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