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  • Alan
    Jan 2, 2011
      Hi Lynn,
      I like the message option Send RF and Send IS, but want to also control the RF path and even be able to keep some RF messages out of IS.

      It would be real nice if the send message box had an editable path box. It would make it easy to send messages using different RF paths tailored to the recipient. If I wanted to send a RF message to someone that can receive the same Digi South of me, I could address it through that digi call rather than send it out in all directions.

      If I wanted to send an OT2 command message to an OT2 digi. I could send using a directed path like through Bogus ridge Digi, blocked from IS with RFONLY in the path. Something like: To:OT2DIG, Path Text box:BOGUS,RFONLY Text box: CMD TXDELAY 21.

      I like your software, thanks!
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