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4945UNPROTO problem

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  • tuckmeat
    Jan 2, 2011
      Using APRSIS/32 on two different Windows 7 laptops in conjunction with a Kenwood TH-D72. I've configured the TH-D72 in APRSIS using the TM-D710 RF port setting on both notebooks and move the radio between them depending on my location, situation, etc. I have configured the radio to digipeat as well as beacon every few minutes. Everything was working fine until last week. The radio was digipeating and beaconing, and APRSIS was gating packets to the APRS-IS network without issues.

      Now all of the sudden, when APRSIS32 connects to the radio, it sets the internal TNC to a station id of UNPROTO and changes the destination call (APRS Network setting on the radio) from APK003 to STPYUU. Obviously, that won't work with APRS. So, if the APRSIS32 software triggers a beacon through the software, it correctly sends whatever callsign and destination network is configured in the software. However, if the radio triggers a digipeated packet or self beacon, it's doing it with UNPROTO and STPYUU, which is a problem. I've deleted the APRSIS32.XML file and started the configuration over several times, but it keeps doing the same thing. The bizarre thing is that it's doing this now on both notebook PC's.

      What is going on here? I've tried to see if there were settings that I could change to override this behavior, but I haven't figured it out. Any help is appreciated because now the radio's built-in digipeat function is useless.
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