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442009/08/11 Version Released!

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  • ldeffenb
    Aug 11, 2009

      There's yet another release of APRSISCE available (APRSISCE6P090811.zip)! Here's a short list of what's new and different.

      Lynn (D) - KJERJ

      1) Station comments are now displayed in the station popup.

      2) Station course and speed are parsed and displayed in the station popup (ONLY if provided by remote station, not "guessed" at by distance/time). (Thanks to John N8JJ) I'm thinking about providing a scaled arrow (short and thick for slow, long and thin for fast) in the course direction in the future, thoughts? Also, should I think about calculating course and speed, even though this can result in strange answers?

      3) Station PHGR (Power/Height/Gain/Range) is parsed, calculated, and displayed, including the Beacon Rate (per hour) if provided.

      4) Rng: (Range) has changed to Pos: (Position) in the station popup and the bearing is now displayed in 16 compass point text, not degrees. (16 points are also used for the course if displayed)

      5) Corrected the logon string's Version content so we should quit getting the "adjunct HH:MM Missing filter keyword" complaint at login (most of you have probably never noticed anyway).

      6) No longer display the Pos: 0 @ 0 if you station pop-up "ME".

      7) Screens bigger than 320x240 in size will increase the displayed icon size as you zoom in. This looked better than I expected. I just need to figure out a graceful scale also.

      8) Station popup coordinates no longer display table/icon information, but use spaces. The coordinates are now more readable and the selected icon's name is displayed anyway.

      9) Double-clicking an empty map space now displays OSM Tile fetcher queue information and doesn't say (1 failed) while it is actively downloading a tile.

      10) The OSM Tile prefetcher now pulls all outward-zooming parent tiles whenever a lower level tile is retrieved. This makes zooming out faster. It is smart enough to stop when it encounters a tile that's already been loaded.

      11) Corrected a timing issue that could cause the tile pre-fetcher to access non-allocated memory. I have no idea what the user-side of this would have looked like, but it probably would NOT have been pretty.

      12) TCP communication errors are now forced into APRSISCE.log, even if Debug Logging is not enabled.

      13) The forecast range red dot is now 100% opaque again to avoid the square background it had at 50%. I need to get fade and transparency working together for the station icons.

      14) Double-clicking where a rectangle overlaps the circle should now honor the top rectangle, this was really strange for a while!

      Known Issues:

      1) I had the tile prefetcher lock up last night during testing. I ran out of data coverage range and it just stopped fetching tiles. Closing and restarting the client corrected the situation.

      2) If a corrupted OSM tile is fetched (web server error during the fetch, for instance), that tile file is detected as corrupt but not removed from the device. This means you'll have a permanent map "hole" there at a single zoom level until I get this fixed.

      To Dos: (Incomplete)
      Parse and display Frequency object information
      Delete bad PNGs to allow refetch
      Support larger Icons (complements Noel W8TVI)
      Fix up fonts for VGA (640x480) devices (test with Noel W8TVI)
      Allow configuration of location for OSMTiles cache (w/o editing XML)
      Allow configuration of date/time display & GMT vs local (Dave N8PU)
      Allow configurable removal of some screen elements (Satellites, John N8JJ)
      Optimize circle redraws for off-screen stations
      Track selected station (in center of screen)
      Pan (Drag) screen for browsing the map
      Record/Recall last DNS/IP for OSM/APRS-IS (faster reconnect)
      Asynchronous TCP/IP connections & reading (solves hangs)
      Timeout on OSM Tile fetcher (solves stalls)
      Implement whatever results from the Zoom +/- Poll

      Win32 client only for the following:
      Simultaneously track multiple targets in separate circles
      Support NMEA GPS
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