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4239Radar overlays (was: Map appearance?)

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  • Lynn W Deffenbaugh (Mr)
    Dec 1, 2010
      Mike Miller wrote:
      > Any chance of getting weather radar overlays or equivalent?

      Julian already told you about left/right for map transparency
      (http://aprsisce.wikidot.com/transparency), but wisely left this one for
      an archive search. If you've already done that, we'll see how
      consistent I'm being...

      Radar overlays require non-APRS-sourced dynamic data that comes from
      other places on the Internet. My intent is to focus primarily on
      directly amateur radio-sourced, preferably APRS-sourced data features
      for APRSISCE/32. So, the short answer is: it's on the bottom of the
      ToDo list. Here's some related features that will be coming first,
      although possibly not soon:

      Area objects - These are APRS-standard objects that draw shapes on the maps

      Weather and Telemetry graphs - Time-accumulated graphs of weather and
      telemetry parameters

      Alternate map pane sources - Provide an easier way to switch to
      user-identified 256x256 pane map panels

      UI-View map support - Abiltiy to use arbitrarily sized/scaled
      (.INF-defined) UI-View maps

      One of my concerns with the radar overlays is the possibility of
      incorrect data display if the defined area boundaries change and the
      user has not yet updated to the current definitions. I error on the
      side of caution rather than incorrect data display since the actual
      alerts don't provide any version reference back to the definitions on
      which they are based. Does anyone know how often the defintions are
      changed anyway?

      And now that I've gone this far, I realize that you asked about
      "radar..or equivalent" which may or may not be related to the weather
      area alerts that I've discussed above. Is this what you're asking about
      or is there another UI-View feature (you mentioned that you've used it
      for years) of which I'm unaware.

      Just to update you all, I've only run UI-View for about a week or so
      well over a year ago. When I learned of the demise of the source code,
      I decided to write my own and remomved UI-View so as not to be unduly
      influenced by what was done before. For a similar reason, I also don't
      run xastir (coupled with the fact that I only ever got it to work in a
      VM, not a native Windows build). So, if you want a feature from one of
      these programs, please be prepared to define the functionality, data
      sources, and appearance that you really want, not just name it or point
      me to what has been done before. I'm trying to advance the state of the
      APRS client by functionality, not mimic what's been done just because
      it's what we might be used to.

      Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

      PS. If you download the release notes from the Files section of the
      Yahoo group, my ToDo list and notes are at the bottom.
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