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37Re: [aprsisce] Re: APRSISCE Lock Fix & New Features!

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  • Lynn W. Deffenbaugh
    Aug 10, 2009
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      > So I was just comparing the two versions of the program,
      > and I think I figured out what it is I didn't like about the normal one:
      > The icons get too small when you zoom out to see more map. Just too
      > small on the 3" VGA screen for my taste.

      So, they get too small too quickly in both versions, right? I only
      expanded them in the second, but didn't change when/how they get small.

      > I do kinda like the bigger icon at higher zoom levels.
      > I don't think they really need to made any bigger.. at least not on this
      > screen. But it would make them look nicer at high zoom, so I'll work on
      > that.
      So the 2x maximum expansion looks good to you? I concur with that
      opinion as well.

      > Also, what overall size (X/Y) should I make the grid for the larger icon
      > set?
      To get them up to double size clearly, we'll need each square to be 42
      pixels instead of the current 21 pixel squares (21-4 giving the 17x17
      icons that the program ends up painting).

      I did a quick experiment here with IrfanView and I think if you start
      with just a resize/resample 200% retaining aspect ratio, you'll have a
      good starting point to clean them up. As I mentioned before though, try
      to make sure that all non-important pixels are actually pure white
      (RGB(255,255,255)) or they won't go transparent correctly.

      I'm trying to figure out how to fade them out and keep the transparency
      so I quit getting the square around fading stations. If you look close
      at the red dot in the screen caps you sent me, you can see what I'm
      talking about. I was drawing it at 50% fade, but that messes up the
      transparency. I'm going back to 100% for the red dot, but aging
      stations will still start having a square around them as they fade.
      I'll get it fixed somehow!

      Thanks again for any efforts you can do on getting clearer, bigger
      icons. I'm hoping that I can just use them for all resolutions with the
      320x240 phone just using them at 50% with Win32 doing the scaling for
      me. Scaling down tends to look better than scaling up!

      Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ
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