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3464Re: D7 & RF only using APRSIS32

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  • huf1967
    Sep 19, 2010
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      Well the good news is that we now have the capabilities of watching our balloons via RF only. It seems as though the problem was not only the cable, but the fact that we needed to set "quiet time" to 0 seconds instead of the default 60 seconds. Nobody mentioned that before but after hours of scouring post after post my ballooning partner found the answer.

      One thing that seems to be happening which doesn't make sense is that my call sign is showing in the station list exactly every 2 minutes. I do not have beaconing enabled through APRSIS32 nor do I have beaconing enabled through the port I've created for the D7. Even though I don't have beaconing enabled inside APRSIS32, I still have it set for 30 minutes and I have the beaconing set for 30 minutes on my radio, even though I can't have it in packet mode and beacon at the same time. Even though I'm showing up in the station list I'm not actually getting out via RF.

      My question is, why am I showing up in the station list and is this normal ??

      Jay - KC9QOW
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