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2712RE: [aprsisce] TT4 setup

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  • Fred Hillhouse
    Aug 23, 2010
      Hi Rick,
      There are two ways to do this at least. With APRSIS32, find the use the GPS COM and a radio port. APRSIS32 will then control all beacons.
      Second, would be to connect the GPS to the TT4 and laptop through a y-cable. The TT4 may then beacon on its own and APRSIS32 will beacon. My OT2 is running that way (when it is running)
      I think the first way is reasonable and I will probably do that with my TT4 when I get the TT4 going again.
      Best regards,

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      I know this has been ask before, I want to set up my APRSIS in my Van
      that is now running with a TT4 alpha, Do I use the GPS that I got from
      Byon, connected with the Y cable also from Byon, will aprsis reconize it
      or would I have to have a seperate one running thru the Netbook.
      And what would the settings be in the TT4, I think I'm letting the software control the transmits????
      Thanks I believe thats all the Questions but if you think of something I missed, "HELP"
      Rick / kd4dra

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