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25851Brain Storming on a Mobile APRS

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  • Don Poaps
    Jun 27, 2014

      I have a local ham friend who runs a Kenwood D710A with GPS.
      He's interested in getting a RAM mount and mounting Laptop in his pickup. Is there a way he can use this program while mobile with NO internet. I know the Tiles are downloaded and stored for awhile on the Hard drive. If he's rolling down the highway and pulling his trailer (RV). I know the message part will work, but the map part is what I'm trying to grasp. 

      I know the other APRS program can sort of work using MS map program. I'm not sure if there's away a mobile can use an outside source like CD map program to pull in data while they are mobile. We have a lot of off road hams here in BC. They are very interested in this mode as their family/friends can see where they are as well as send text messages out etc.

      I really like APRSIS32. 

      If any one interested Vector (Vancouver Emergency Telecom Group) will have 4 Kenwood THD72 A (VCT???) plus I'll have mine as va7tsa-8. ( Satern) and other Hams units. We'll be doing demonstration during field day. I'll have my laptop sent up for messaging, use of the APRS for tracking etc.. 

      Don va7dgp

      Don Poaps
      New Westminster, BC
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