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25643Re: [aprsisce] Dell computer issue

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  • Lynn W Deffenbaugh (Mr)
    May 24, 2014
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    APRSISCE/32 has a station timeout value that removes stations that have not been heard from after a period of time.  If you double-click the thin vertical bar to the right of the map, it will show you what your station Age settings are.

    The number in () is used for Buddies (both explicit and anyone you are actively tracking in any window) where 0 means unlimited.

    Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

    On 5/24/2014 9:03 AM, K7iou1 k7iou1@... [aprsisce] wrote:
    Yes 64 bit. I woke up this morn and checked aprsis32 and map was empty except for ME. Was not responding.
    So I installed the Sabrent SBT-FTDI USB to serial converter, changed com port and it's working again. Time will tell.
    Is there a setting with aprsis32 to flush the memory automatically?
    Also I have ME off center due to my location so I am positioned NE on the map. Is there a way to get rid of the annoying "move ME to center?" When I manually transmit?
    73 de k7iou

    On May 23, 2014, at 10:32 PM, "'Larry Simon' kc7qjo@... [aprsisce]" <aprsisce@yahoogroups.com> wrote:


    I would have to say it is an issue with the PCI serial card and Win 7, Especially if it is 64-bit. I have found several issues with those cards at work on Win7 when they worked fine in the same PC with XP on it.





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    I am using a Dell desktop with a express PCI serial data card Win7 & and pk-232. Works well for 1/2 day and program stops responding. I sometime find a blank screen with only ME on the map. Other time all stations appear to be ok but program will not transmit location via pk-232.
    I went thru all the power settings & changed the always on, don't sleep etc.
    Anyone else have this issue? I am sure it's a Dell issue as I have Echolink on the same model computer & have an issue where it stops responding. I have it restart every 24 hr and then it works fine.
    I have a USB to serial converter I may try to determine if it's the PCI card or Dell design issue.
    De k7iou

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