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25272Re: [aprsisce] Re: Mobile Use with a Wifi Hot Spot

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  • Rob Giuliano
    Mar 14, 2014
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      From James' description, the reset of the radio makes sense.  When the radio resets, the TNC must re-initialize ad since "internally" it has the callsign-ssid assigned, it fixes the problem.
      Since this appears to be a set/reset of callsigns, I wonder if a quick "close/open" sequence of the port in APRSISce/32 would cause the radio to re-initialize the internal TNC with its callsign again.
      Unfortunately, I don't have a D710 ( a freind does, but he is out of town, so can't try it).
      If that works, maybe a fix would be a port toggle after sending a message - if it makes sense.
      Robert Giuliano


      From: James Ewen <ve6srv@...>
      To: aprsisce@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Thursday, March 13, 2014 9:47 PM
      Subject: Re: [aprsisce] Re: Mobile Use with a Wifi Hot Spot

      On Thu, Mar 13, 2014 at 2:35 PM, <gil.chapin@...> wrote:

      > Thanks for the info, Fred. Apparently it's even stranger than that.
      > I just did a few experiments.

      It's only strange when you don't know what's going on... it's magic
      until you know where the magician hides the rabbit, then it's just
      some guy being sneaky!

      > If I reply via the APRSIS32 keyboard messaging, it keys the radio
      > and sends out the text from (-13) - as you predicted.

      When Lynn's program sends the message, it first sets the callsign in
      the D710 to match the callsign that is programmed into APRSISCE/32. It
      has to do that as the program doesn't have full control of building
      the packets.

      > However, now subsequent beacons from the radio go out as -13 SSID
      > even though the radio's menu clearly shows the -9 SSID.

      The radio's menu is basically another computer that is attempting to
      control the TNC in the radio contol head. You have told the menu to
      tell the TNC to use the -9 SSID, but when APRSISCE/32 sent the
      message, it first told the TNC to use the -13 SSID. You have two
      bosses telling the poor little TNC what callsign-SSID to use. It's
      just doing what it's told.

      > Unless I remove and restore power from the radio, the radio has
      > somehow been forced to become -13.

      It's not the radio that has been hi-jacked, but the TNC, and now you
      know the mechanism behind the "somehow". When you cycle power on the
      radio, the control panel sends all the initialization parameters to
      the TNC again, resetting the callsign to the one programmed into the
      control panel.

      > It appears to have hijacked the MYCALL in the radio (but the radio
      > keeps the vehicle icon). Normally I wouldn't care, but the whole
      > purpose of this exercise is in preparation for supporting an event
      > for which I will have a tactical APRS call sign (accompanied by
      > my FCC call in the outgoing text). So if I reply to a message, I'll
      > have to remember to cycle the power on the radio to continue
      > beaconing the tactical call. Unless I can figure something else out...

      That's the part that you can't work around. If APRSISCE/32 were to NOT
      set the callsign before sending a message, you wouldn't have the
      hi-jacked callsign issue. The message would appear to have come from
      the radio's SSID though.

      If APRSISCE/32 were to read the assigned MCALL, set the desired
      MYCALL, send the message, then reinstate the original MYCALL, you
      would get the action sequence that you desire.

      That should shed some light on what's happening.

      I find it interesting that many people send queries on the TM-D710
      forum asking why they can't see their own position reports on the
      display. That's done by design, as you always know where you are. But,
      when APRSISCE/32 (or any other program) changes the callsign in the
      TNC out from under the control panel, the control panel now thinks
      that position reports being sent from the TNC are sourced from another
      station, and your local position reports show up on the display. A
      little identity crisis, and the actions some people want to see start
      to happen.

      Add in a mapping GPS, and pretty soon some guy's icon keeps popping up
      where you are, and then drifting away behind you as you drive, only to
      pop back on screen at your new location.

      I get a chuckle out of watching a schizophrenic radio every so often...

      I saw this earlier today, but had to relocate about 750 km to get
      decent internet service to be able to respond properly. Another 550
      km, and I'll be home.


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