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25269RE: [aprsisce] weather Alert and Filter ?

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  • Fred Hillhouse Jr
    Mar 13, 2014
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      Maybe it is time to petition for an interface like in the US . If the tax payers bought it, it makes sense to be available. But of course the cynical side of me says they would rather sell the information.


      Best regards,

      Fred N7FMH


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      we dont have a server in Canada that can do this job and we have the best weather satellite in the World!!


      we built the CanadaArm on the Space Shuttle and the ISS later one,and we dont have access at 1 server for OUR weather coast too coast :




      i cannot imagine a way to have a line in the Filter that we would see that a storm is coming my way,or folks that want to go in BC over the land with their airplane can see a wind storm on their way,,


      Incroyable after all that country,those technician all over Canada have done,,and we cant see a storm!!









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      We don't have a weather server in Canada like the USA . I have tried to find the right avenue to be able to pull data and massage it into APRS WX alerts, but have been thwarted at every turn.

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      Subject: [aprsisce] weather Alert and Filter ?


      hi all,

      we have add a very hard winter here so far ,i was wondering this morning looking at my monitor i saw NO Pictogramm that would show a Storm around here,

      is there a line that i could add in my filter command so i will see ANY Weather Alert around my limit i set in km ?


      it would be a great + for APRSCE


      Let me know and please dont response with to much details ok,,,just tell me if i can do it.


      thanks very much at all the folks that m,akes this applications working good.



      Gervais ve2ckn

      Eastern Quebec

      Winter Storm this morning here





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