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25267RE: [aprsisce] Re: Mobile Use with a Wifi Hot Spot

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  • Fred Hillhouse Jr
    Mar 13, 2014



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      Thanks for the info, Fred.  Apparently it's even stranger than that.  I just did a few experiments.

      I can’t really help with the D710 since I don’t have one to play with.


      D710 Radio in APRS mode connected to APRSIS32.  APRSIS32 beaconing turned off.  Radio beacon on.

      Radio has -9 SSID, APRSIS32 has -13 SSID (that's intentional for reasons I think I can explain).  When I send a message to the radio (-9) from my D72, the D710 beeps and blinks and talks to me.  APRSIS32 also registers the message and I can see it on the screen.  If I reply via the APRSIS32 keyboard messaging, it keys the radio and sends out the text from (-13) - as you predicted.  (I have no intention of trying to send messages directly from the radio anyway...)


      However, now subsequent beacons from the radio go out as -13 SSID even though the radio's menu clearly shows the -9 SSID.  Unless I remove and restore power from the radio, the radio has somehow been forced to become -13.  It appears to have hijacked the MYCALL in the radio (but the radio keeps the vehicle icon).  Normally I wouldn't care, but the whole purpose of this exercise is in preparation for supporting an event for which I will have a tactical APRS call sign (accompanied by my FCC call in the outgoing text).  So if I reply to a message, I'll have to remember to cycle the power on the radio to continue beaconing the tactical call.  Unless I can figure something else out...


      Within APRSIS32, a nickname can be assigned to a call sign if that helps at all.


      And I was mistaken about the "Transmit" button in the software under these conditions.  It does not key the radio transmitter in this arrangement (but that's OK with me).  I'd rather force a beacon from the radio panel.if needed to update my position.


      And I think I just broke aprs.fi..... I hope that's just a coincidence.that it just went down while I was fiddling...


      Yep, it is broke!!! You did it! No soup for you! ;)

      Actually it still works.



      And now I can't seem to see my D72 showing up on aprs.fi (which seems to be working again).  I've got it set to a tactical call sign of SAG1HT - which plays OK with both the D710 and APRSIS32 even though it's not a valid call sign format.  It's being digipeated through my home station nicely - which itself is showing up on aprs.fi.  I've tried some other variations of the desired tactical call sign, but none seems to work.  Went back to my own WB2UTI-7 and that doesn't show up either.


      However, it's interesting that the satellite photo of my location shows my vehicle in the driveway with the doors open - just the way I just had it - except the sunlight's at the wrong angle.  Spooky anyway..

      And my mobile GPS's seem to be wandering a bit.


      They do wander but are not lost.


      Time to do something else I guess.





      Gil, WB2UTI

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