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25255Re: Mobile Use with a Wifi Hot Spot

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  • Gil Chapin
    Mar 12, 2014
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      Thanks.  That does make sense.  Although now that I've got it working with the radio doing all the heavy lifting, I may see if I can fine tune the smart beaconing in the radio to get better results.  The Genius function in the software just seemed to be more uniform - not that anyone really cares where I have been.  Where I am now is perhaps of more use, but obviously there's a limit to how often that can be updated.

      The other response you got on this topic, from Keith, N4TRN, was in relation to the efforts he and I expended on trying to get his vehicle set up for supporting a fairly long distance fund raising bike ride event.  Keith doesn't normally run APRS in his vehicle and it seems that every year we struggle valiantly and fail to get his system up and running with the various bits and pieces of equipment he rounds up.  I've got a D7 HT with a power amplifier that we've managed to use for the past several years and it appears that he'll have to use that again this weekend.  I use it as a stand alone tracker in one of my vehicles, but it seems to play well with the software.  We've tried other arrangements with external TNC's and other radios, but the D7 and APRSIS32 on his (sometimes misbehaving) laptop withstands the test of time.  And he can use it in stand alone tracker mode if the laptop gets squirrelly, which has happened in past events.  But he had the same issue with suppressing the TCP/IP beacon if he can't get the map tiles he may need stored (yet another mystery) and has to tether his phone to the laptop.   

      So your helpful reply will keep at least two extra and unnecessary streams of beacons off the APRS-IS this weekend.

      As for messaging via the software when the radio is running in APRS mode, I wasn't counting on that, but it seems to work.  If I recall, I can also force a beacon transmission from the radio from the "transmit" button in the software (although I can do that more easily/safely from the control head on the radio without looking while driving).  I probably don't understand it properly, but I was under the impression that messaging was "SSID independent" - that is that a message addressed to a particular station would go to all of its active SSID's.  I know I've had situations when both the radio and the software lit up when the same message was received by both (oh, or was that before I set different SSID's for the radio and the software?)  I think I "know" just about enough on these topics to be really dangerous.

      Thanks again.

      Well, I thought I was done, but I just thought of another possible problem with what I'm trying to do.  If I "send" a message from the software to the D710 radio running in APRS mode (with the software "listening" to the APRS-IS), the radio does transmit it.  Will the message also go out on TCP/IP even if I have beaconing option turned off in the APRS-IS port?  Does having the software TCP/IP beacon disabled inhibit all outgoing traffic or just beacons?

      Aaaaaarghhh - if the software has a different SSID from the radio (which has its uses), how is the outgoing message identified?

      My brain hurts. 

      Gil, WB2UTI
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