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25251Mobile Use with a Wifi Hot Spot

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  • wb2uti
    Mar 11, 2014
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      I have an old Windows 7 laptop running APRSIS32 mounted in my vehicle.  I have it hooked to a Kenwood D710.  For a long time I was using APRSIS32 on the laptop to merely display what was coming from the radio's TNC, running in APRS mode.

      I tried using the radio as the software was intended to use it, in packet mode, with the software controlling all the functions.  I wanted to be able to grab new map tiles as needed, so I use a wifi hot spot to give me internet access.    So I turned on internet access in the software.  Furthermore, I also wanted to be able to "hear" local RF beacons and messages that might not otherwise make it to the APRS-IS, so the software is both hooked to the internet and to the radio simultaneously..

      So now here's my dilemma.  When the software determines it's time for a beacon to go out, it keys the radio's transmitter.  It apparently also sends out a TCP/IP version of the beacon too.  I don't want it going out both ways.  Most of the time, when I'm in a well covered area, I just want the RF beacon to go out and to "listen" on the internet for traffic that might show up in addition to what's received via RF.

      Am I misunderstanding the situation?  Is there some setting I'm not getting right?  If I turn off beaconing in the general configuration, doesn't that preclude RF beaconing as well as TCP/IP beaconing?

      What I'm really doing right now is using the radio's APRS TNC function again.  I have the radio's SSID different from the software's SSID.  I have beaconing turned off in the software (the radio's handling that), but internet access is enabled (so I get needed map tiles and the APRS-IS feed).  The software does not cause either an RF or a TCP/IP beacon - only the radio triggers its own beacon.  This arrangement gives me a subtle improvement in the display.  I can see my actual position (the "moving" pc icon) and I can (usually) see the last place the "internet" (or my own radio) heard me via RF (the software thinks my radio is a different station because it has a different SSID - the radio is not "ME").  So I have two icons moving on the map with the software icon showing the actual location and the radio's vehicle icon lagging behind showing where my last RF beacon was heard from a digipeater.  (I suppose this sort of takes the place of the dotted track line that could be displayed to show where beacons, including the most recent one, were sent out.)  If I need someone to know where I am right now (as may be the case in a bike support event), I can force a beacon on the radio, otherwise I know where they probably last thought I was.  And I can then confirm that the radio's beacon location has "caught up" with the actual location and everyone who might care should then really know where I am right now.  Happily, messaging still seems to work nicely via the laptop.

      I'd like to go back to the software controlling everything because I think its Genius function does a better job than the similar smartbeaconing function in the radio.  I just can't figure out how to make the TCP/IP beacon stop and still keep both the internet connection and only the software controlled RF beaconing.

      Sorry if this is confusing.  I guess "you had to be there" to understand this...

      Gil Chapin, WB2UTI
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