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24401Kenwood D700 TNC goes offline - KISS:Missing Leading C0[1]:<0A>

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  • Phillip Tompkins
    Nov 14, 2013
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    So this has happened to me one other time since I started getting back into APRS.  I have followed the directions here: http://aprsisce.wikidot.com/tnc-d700

    Specifically: "once in awhile, you can disable the port,
    turn the D700 off and back on, cycle the TNC through OFF, APRS (wait for it
    to initialize) and back to PKT (again, waiting for it to initialize), then
    re-enable the port."

    Attached is the log file.  I basically gave up after it couldn't come back online and went about working and then all of a sudden, for no reason of my doing (that I know of), it just started working again.  

    This time I took the following steps in addition to the ones listed.
    1- shut down software and opened it back up
    2- shut down software, shut down radio, turned on radio, launched software
    3- shut down software, shutdown radio, unplugged USB to COM port adapter waited for it to initialize, turned on radio, lunched software
    4- Cycled D700 to no packet, to TNC APRS, then to TNC PKT.
    5- gave up, and 5 or 10 minutes later I noticed it was working again.  You can see the nothing between 2013-11-14T20:18:02.489 and 2013-11-14T20:19:53.275 

    I'm guessing it's my really old D700 that I've had since 2003 causing the problem and not the software.

    Any ideas?


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