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24389Re: [aprsisce] Need a Wiki page!

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  • Phillip Tompkins
    Nov 12 7:34 PM
      from the looks of it are are essentially setting two functions.

      The first is the beacon comment and now often your station beacons..

      The second is a status report (which is optional).  Looks similar to the beacon but i've noticed when i have it turned on with GridSquare, Timestamp, and DX checked it will beacon  something like the following "FN00eq/-DX: N3DXC-1 52.9km 78° 03:19 4047.82N 07858.20W",  the first portion is my grid square, followed by the furthest station i've heard/km to station and degree to that station, finally followed by the time (UTC I think) and my location.

      The status box by default says what application I'm using.

      I'm sorry if you already knew the above information (heck you probably know more than me because I'm new!) and you were just looking for expansion in the wiki (which now that I read your email again is probably the case).


      On Tue, Nov 12, 2013 at 9:10 PM, Bob Harris <knineudx@...> wrote:

      While trying to figure out why N1XED's status were not be heard and his beacons were being transmitted (approximately) every two hours, I went exploring on the Wiki. I was looking for some clarification of the use of the various entries under Configure->Status since that seemed to be the most logical place to look. Turns out that Wiki page hasn't been written yet.


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