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23963Re: [aprsisce] Resetting KPC-3 TNCs

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  • Lee D Bengston
    Sep 24, 2013
      Last year I posted a link to download some perl scripts converted to binaries for Windows that can take a KPC-3 plus (or a KPC-9612 plus) in and out of KISS mode, but I'm not sure if the commands are the same for a KPC-3.

      Lee - K5DAT

      On Tue, Sep 24, 2013 at 10:08 AM, Bob Harris <knineudx@...> wrote:
      I have vague recollection that somewhere someone passed on an app that would reset KPC-3 out of KISS mode (without diddling with control codes using the like of Tera Term). Does anyone know about it? I may have to make a house call on Friday and get a KPC-3 back to some degree of normalcy. Since it is currently in KISS mode, getting it back to terminal mode will be the first step.

      (I thought it might have been on Steven's website, but when I looked there this morning I couldn't find it)

      BobHarris (K9UDX)
      Can MOTCH Katmai Henry David Thoreau UDX Bda UD (1992-2005)
      Longmeadow Bradford Torrey CD
      Bath, NH

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