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23933Re: [aprsisce] Running APRSIS-CE and UISS on same computer

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  • Mike Miller
    Sep 20, 2013
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      Hi Bob,

      UISS has an option to launch external programs when it starts.
      It may well shut them down when UISS closes, so if he is
      starting AGW from the UISS external program folder, that is
      probably the problem. Multiple programs can share AGW, but must
      have a unique call or SSID.

      Mike kc9doa

      On 20 Sep 2013 at 22:03, Bob Harris wrote:

      Looking for help from someone acquainted with UISS. I may be in
      over my head!

      Been trying to help N1XED to get up and running with APRSIS-CE.
      He presently has UISS running. That uses the AGW-PE engine to
      talk to his KPC-3. If he closes UISS, he loses the AGW-PE engine
      as well. To my feeble brain, it appears that the AGW-PE driver
      is part of UISS. Am I correct?

      Is there a way to run both UISS and APRSIS-CE simultaneously
      with a "normal" AGW-PE? Or does UISS need to use its own AGW-PE

      (As a stop-gap, I may set him up to use the KPC-3 in KISS mode
      via a serial port directly but that would mean he could only run
      one program or the other).
      Bob Harris (K9UDX)
      Bath, NH
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