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23423D710 Configuration ==> WAS Re: [aprsisce] Plotting APRS position data on a laptop without internet access

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  • Mason, Billy (list accts)
    Jul 17, 2013
      The below RFPort configuration is from a working configuration using the standard "KWD710(APRS)" RFPort configuration, no special editing was required. You should be connecting the laptop to the serial connection on the control head, not the RF deck. Your D710 needs to be be in APRS Mode, not Packet Mode, and make sure that Menu 604 - COMPORT has been/is set to ON (Outputs data from the COM port after receiving packet and TNC command data from the APRS data communications).

      <RFPort Name="D710-APRS/GPS(Mobile)">
      <OpenCmd>TC 1!?!1.0</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>TC 1!TS 1!1.0</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>TN 1,0!TN 1,0</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>TC 0!!0.050</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>DIG OFF</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>GB 4800</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>HB 1200</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>GPST $GPRMC</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>LTM 0</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>LTMH OFF</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>LOC E 0</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>M ON</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>MCOM ON</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>MS OFF</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>CONO OFF</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>P 250</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>UI OFF</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>UIF NOID</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>UIT %</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>X OFF</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>HEADER OFF</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>NE ON</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>NO OFF</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>ECHO OFF!cmd:!1.0</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>BEACON EVERY 0!cmd:!1.0</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>ECHO OFF!cmd:!1.00</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>BEACON EVERY 0!cmd:!1.00</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>TC 1!?EH!1</OpenCmd>
      <OpenCmd>TC 1!TS 1!1.00</OpenCmd>
      <CloseCmd>TC 0!!0.050</CloseCmd>
      <CloseCmd>LTM 0</CloseCmd>
      <CloseCmd>TC 1!?EH!1</CloseCmd>
      <CloseCmd>TC 1!TS 1</CloseCmd>
      <CloseCmd>TN 0,0!TN 0,0</CloseCmd>

      Billy Mason

      On Tue, Jul 16, 2013 at 11:36 AM, Fred Hillhouse <fmhillhouse@...> wrote:

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      To: aprsisce-owner@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Plotting APRS position data on a laptop without internet access




      I am launching a high altitude balloon experiment and need help setting up a computer to plot the balloon’s position.  I have a Byonics APRS transmitter flying on the balloon and on the ground I have a Kenwood TM-D710A radio for my ground station.  I have the Kenwood radio plugged into my laptop and I am trying to figure out the APRSISCE program.  I was not able to get the software to pick up the APRS packets the radio was receiving without an Internet connection, is this software Internet dependent?  I am launching my balloon in the Mojave and won’t have internet access, but I need to track the balloon’s position, do you have any advice?


      Thank you,