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23294RE: [aprsisce] Deleting a Map Tile Set

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  • Fred Hillhouse
    Jun 27, 2013
      Hi Brian,
      Purging allows deleting the tiles but it does not delete the name, server url, etc.
      You need to go to Toolbar-->Configure-->Map-->Tile Sets and select one you are happy with and ACCEPT.
      Then close APRSISCE/32.
      Open APRSISCExml or APRSIS32.xml. Notepad works well.
      Find the tile set you don't like. It will look something like this:
      <TileServer Name="CT-Visitor">
      Delete the entire block of data, save the file and exit. Restart APRSISCE/32.
      You may have noticed a number in this line: <!--TileServer[49]-->
      Don't worry about it! You do NOT have to change any other numbers.
      You can totally rearrange the TileServer blocks into any order you like and APRSISCE/32 will renumber them. I add new tile sets anytime I come across a new one. Afterwards I reorder them to suit my desired menu order. I put my most common at the top of the section.
      If you mess up the XML file, don't worry, APRSISCE/32 will grab the last SAFE one and I think it will tell you.
      Best regards,
      Fred N7FMH

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      Configure...Map...Purger Enabled?

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      Subject: RE: [aprsisce] Deleting a Map Tile Set

      you might have to go into the xml file and delete it from there.
      Just make sure you know what you want to delete before you do it.

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      Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2013 03:48:42 +0000
      Subject: [aprsisce] Deleting a Map Tile Set

      Does anyone know how to delete a Map Tile set?

      When I go to Configure>Map> and select the tileset, the DELETE button is greyed out not letting me delete it.

      Just learning how to creat new tile sets and had a SNAFU on the OSM file location. I selected the original location so my new tile set from a different server is mixing tiles with the original...

      I've got it figured out now and want to delete the bad tile set but it won't let me.

      Thanks for your help in advance.


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