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23250Hints for using a TM-D700?

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  • Howard
    Jun 13, 2013
      I am going to be using a TM-D700 and APRSIS32 at an event at the end of the month, for tracking elements on a charity walk. Someone else said they'd tried this combination and "it didn't work", but with no further detail.

      I don't have a '700, but tonight I get one chance to play with one briefly.

      Searched pages on the web seem to say to set the port as KISS, but I think there are now more relevant types: TMD700(KISS) and TMD700(RO+G - the rest of this one doesn't fit in the box!

      I am going to start with TMD700 (KISS) and hope that is the right one, with the radio set to Packet, rather than APRS mode. There is no requirement to transmit (or digipeat), it's all about showing stations heard on the map.

      Any hints on setting this up?


      Howard G1BYY
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