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  • Steve Daniels
    May 23, 2013
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      Sadly AGW refuses to work on my PC. It’s pretty much the only program that I have not got working. I only have KISS mode TNC’s at present.

      I did think that some TNC’s that could do packet and APRS would perhaps used connected mode for config.

      Connected mode within APRSIS32 would perhaps be a bit much to ask of Lynn . But I guess would be handy for those that remote, rather another TNC.


      Lynn has a todo list and I expect this sort of thing to be down the list if it happens at all



      Steve Daniels

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      APRSISCE/32 Beta tester and WIKI editor http://aprsisce.wikidot.com


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      A KPC3 doesn't need another KPC3 to control it remotely. It just needs to be attached to another TNC in connected mode. I control a couple of other KPC3+ aprs digi's around here, and the remote mode is dependent on being linked up to it via the remote callsign in connected mode. I do that by parking on a hill where I have a straight shot to the digi and using the regular TNC mode of my D710. I issue a regular connect command C DIGI1R then, after answering it password hash, I get direct access to all the commands on the TNC as if it were connected to me via a serial port. 


      So, No, you don't need another KPC3 to remotely administer another KPC3 that has been set up for remote control, but you do have to access it in Connected mode to get the password hash to get into it for control.


      The only program I know that allows for connected mode operation of KISS tnc's is the AGWTerminal using AGWPacketEngine as the interface between the prog and the tnc. Unfortunately, some KISS capable tnc's ( the Argent Data line, for example ) don't handle the connected mode packets properly. So even tho you sent a properly formed connect packet from AGWTerminal, the OT2/3/USB doesn't pass non UI packets back to the software to handle your connect request. whoops... 







      On Thu, May 23, 2013 at 10:16 AM, Fred Hillhouse <fmhillhouse@...> wrote:


      Thinking about the era when packet was more common, I suspect there are other TNCs capable because you have to connect. So I think I can run an application capable of connecting through a KISS TNC (my OT2/3) but I haven't got to a point of being able to test it. I seem to remember finding an app for that but don't really remember.




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      I think you are correct: A KPC3+ (or KPC3) requires another KPC3+ (or KPC3) to access it for remote reconfiguration.

      The Argent OT series can be reconfigured using messages as long as the call sign of the station attempting reconfiguration is in the target's Access List.

      The Byonics TinyTrak 4 cannot be reconfigured remotely in so far as I know.

      On 5/23/2013 9:57 AM, Fred Hillhouse wrote:


      Some time last year I started looking into what it would take to remote reconfigure a KPC3+. I never quite found an answer unless I had a second KPC3. I do not. I keep thinking I need to get back on this.


      Best regards,

      Fred, N7FMH






      Bob Harris (K9UDX)
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      Longmeadow Bradford Torrey CD
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