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22891Re: [aprsisce] Messaging feature request for APRSISCE32

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  • Tony VE6MVP
    May 12, 2013
      At 08:38 PM 2013-05-12, Robert Bruninga wrote:

      > ...why does my, or any Igate, igate need a WIDE2-2 path?

      Good question.  Ideally IGates should have only a LOCAL path (usuallly one  hop only (though it can hit as many local digis at the same time).  This is so that it's "impact" remains local.  As soon as anything goes more than one hop, it is no longer local and is impacting areas beyond VHF operation meaning the people impacted have no way to commujicate back to the source of things not wanted in their areas.

      But we here in rural Alberta only have igates in two hop range most of the time so letting folks know that an igate is available 60 or 80 miles away is a good thing.    We have, or maybe it's had, a few places where it takes three hops to get to the nearest igate.

      >  Hmm, it would be useful for the traveler to know that there
      > is an igate within two hops so they can send/receive messages or possibly QRU.

      This is the responsilibly of all APRS operators as a local group in any area.  To assure that there is an IGate that can hear EVERY DIGI and hit it.    In some places the Igate t may have to transmit two hops, but in those cases, it is a rural area and so the blind QRM beyond local is not much of a problem.  But back in the East coast, where there are hundreds of digis and nearly as many igates, one hop should be more than adqquate in most cases.

      If I ever make ti to the east coast of the USA, or maybe LA in California, it'd be interesting to listen to the frequency and hear how busy the frequency is even from a mobile antenna.   I know James VE6SRV has been to Dayton.  I gotta make it there one year.

      A little bit of an inversion on right now so my system is decoding 4 or 5 digis that are about another 20 or 40 miles away than usual.   But still 10 or 20 seconds of dead silence and then a burst of activity.    And I'm hearing some packets which are too "muddy" to be decoded.

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