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22889Messaging feature request for APRSISCE32

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  • Tony VE6MVP
    May 12 3:32 PM
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      I can't recall if I've requested this feature before and I can't find it when I do a search.  So my apologies if we've already discussed this and it's on your list.   Ahh, I did send it back on March 3rd but there was no response.  "Suggestions for message and acknowledgement paths."   But I've updated the concept a bit since.

      I'd like the ability to enter the path, such as AB7-7 when sending a message.  Defaulting to the Configure >> Beacon >> Path is fine but there are times when I want to enter my own path.     

      A specific scenario is when sending a message via an AB7-7 path to the other end of the province.  Currently I have to change the Beacon Path, send my message, wait for a reply, respond, etc, etc, and then, hopefully, remember to change the Beacon Path back to WIDE2-2.   In the meantime while waiting for the message session to complete, my igate position packets are being sent out every ten minutes with an AB7-7 path.

      Also, if possible and this could be a bit tricker,  replying to a message should use the same path as the received message.     And maybe the path should be displayed.  Or have an option to view the path without having to go to the logs. Now I do realize that if James VE6SRV sends me  a message from AB7-7 five hopes away the received path will be AB7-2, etc.    But a bit of programming should be able to figure out most of the possibilities of the initial path of the received message.

      Although when I think about it why does my, or any Igate, igate need a WIDE2-2 path?   Hmm, it would be useful for the traveller to know that there is an igate within two hops so they can send/receive messages or possibly QRU.

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