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22776RE: [aprsisce] Re: some observations and a slew of questions and a request

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  • kc8sfq
    Apr 29, 2013
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      Hi Fred
      You wrote:

      > If you are prefetching onto a thumb drive

      I was, but just enough to load a hand full of tiles. I wanted to take minimum time loading data to the tablet. I needed just enough to satisfy my self that I hadn't hosed something up AGAIN. It looks as if I'm up and running with the tablet, at least to the level I was before the Topo problem. Plus, I now have topo running in addition to cycle, original and midnight command. I am now reloading Original, a bit at a time. My other copy of that tile set was so messed up that I flushed it. I did, however, save my second biggest set, cycle.

      I could sure use some help with the "drive a GPX" though. The wiki has a nice dissertation on how to make a GPX in Google Maps and get it to APRSIS32. My problem is: While I can load a GPX from a previous trip,  the only time I have seen a menu containing "Drive GPX" is when I am multi-tracking someone else. I also found in the archives that I must name a GPX before I can drive it. Not a clue on that one. Once I figure it out, I'll write up a step-by-step for someone coming along behind me.

      Anyway, I'm gaining on this thing a bit at a time. I took a little road trip this morning and I can see I'm going to love the Topo tile set.

      73 KC8SFQ  Ron

      , it will be more sluggish than
      > if
      > you are writing to your hard drive. The write cycle on the thumb drive is
      > much much longer.
      > I run daily from a thumb drive myself. Currently, I am running that same
      > drive on my desktop system "driving a GPX" prefetching tiles for a trip.
      > Best regards,
      > Fred, N7FMH

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      > a
      > request

      > Hi again James,
      > Done and done. I have a copy of
      APRSIS32 on a thumb drive and everything
      > worked on that. I've been running it almost continuously in an old laptop,
      > here in the shack. I took that thumb drive and moved it to the Win7
      > machine,
      > with internet access, added the file folder for Topo and
      > prefetched a few map tiles. The advantage of moving to the Win7 machine
      > was
      > the ability to multitask and use cut/ paste from the WiKi for the long
      > strings, such as the URL. That sure beats typing by hand on a touch
      > screen.
      > Next I took that thumb drive to the tablet and confirmed all map sets
      > worked
      > running on the thumb drive. next I coppied the whole APRSIS32 folder to
      > the
      > hard drive of the tablet, but in a differant folder than the iteration I
      > had
      > been running on the tablet. Then moved the map tile folders to the new
      > folder, In APRSIS32. I then completed the new-tile-set box using the same
      > name as before. I also checked ABOUT and downloaded the latest release.
      > All
      > done now and running, except for setting up my I/O ports to talk to the
      > blue
      > tooth peripherals.
      > This is probably not the most elegant of solutions, but, it worked.
      > I really think I hosed up the old program. It was REAL sluggish about
      > prefetching. Now with the new iteration running, it seems to be fetching
      > faster and not kicking out of WiFi.
      > Thanks and 73, KC8SFQ Ron
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