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22771RE: [aprsisce] Re: some observations and a slew of questions and a request

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  • Fred Hillhouse
    Apr 29, 2013
      Hi Ron,
      If you are prefetching onto a thumb drive, it will be more sluggish than if you are writing to your hard drive. The write cycle on the thumb drive is much much longer.
      I run daily from a thumb drive myself. Currently, I am running that same drive on my desktop system "driving a GPX" prefetching tiles for a trip.
      Best regards,
      Fred, N7FMH

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      Hi again James,
      Done and done. I have a copy of APRSIS32 on a thumb drive and everything worked on that. I've been running it almost continuously in an old laptop, here in the shack. I took that thumb drive and moved it to the Win7 machine, with internet access, added the file folder for Topo and
      prefetched a few map tiles. The advantage of moving to the Win7 machine was the ability to multitask and use cut/ paste  from the WiKi for the long strings, such as the URL. That sure beats typing by hand on a touch screen. Next I took that thumb drive to the tablet and confirmed all map sets worked running on the thumb drive. next I coppied the whole APRSIS32 folder to the hard drive of the tablet, but in a differant folder than the iteration I had been running on the tablet. Then moved the map tile folders to the new folder, In APRSIS32. I then completed the new-tile-set box using the same name as before. I also checked ABOUT and downloaded the latest release. All done now and running, except for setting up my I/O ports to talk to the blue tooth peripherals.

      This is probably not the most elegant of solutions, but, it worked.

      I really think I hosed up the old program. It was REAL sluggish about prefetching. Now with the new iteration running, it seems to be fetching faster and not kicking out of WiFi.

      Thanks and 73, KC8SFQ  Ron

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