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22767Re: [aprsisce] Re: some observations and a slew of questions and a request

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  • James Ewen
    Apr 28, 2013
      On Sun, Apr 28, 2013 at 10:43 AM, <kc8sfq@...> wrote:

      > I thought I had it right. It is becoming obvious that I hosed something on
      > the tablet. I tried prefetching on another machine, using (i think) the same
      > settings and IT'S working. The plan now is to prefetch on this machine and
      > then transfer the whole shootin' match to the tablet, newer version of the
      > program and all.

      There's no need to do all that. There's no black magic involved here.
      Just point the program on the tablet at the proper directory. When you
      create a new tile set, and it asks you to locate where the tile set is
      supposed to be on your machine, just make a new directory, and click

      Pay attention to your file structure. Make a new directory for each
      tile set and you're fine.

      > Now, this brings another question: If (on the tablet) I move the
      > un-contaminated map files to the new directory (the one where the "whole
      > shootin match" will go) then, after moving the program, go to CONFIGURE->
      > TILE SET-> NEW TILE SET and create a "new tile set" with that same name,
      > should APRSIS32 be able to use then just as if I had used APRSIS32 to
      > prefetch them. I have a couple of big libraries of tiles I'd hate to have to
      > recreate from scratch.

      I'd go the other way... I'd tell APRSISCE/32 to make the tile sets
      configurations, and directories first, and then move all the files
      from the source into the directory. That way I have confirmation that
      I made the tile directory structure properly. It's easier to spot
      mistakes on a fresh canvas than it is to try and spot a mistake on a
      directory structure that is filled with files.

      > Can I move just the files, or is there a "loader file" I'll need too ("OSM
      > tiles maybe")

      Go browse the tile directories... have a look, what do you see? You're
      not going to break anything just looking at them. The tiles are just
      little images. Little squares of maps that APRSISCE/32 pulls up as
      required and drops on the screen. Moving the tile directories is like
      copying any other file. Copy from where you find it, and paste it
      where you want it.

      Just grab the root folder of the file repository, and all the
      subfolders and included tiles will move.

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