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22738Re: [aprsisce] Re: Rocket Tracking

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  • James Ewen
    Apr 25, 2013
      On Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 11:09 PM, ajmitchell91 <ajmitche@...> wrote:

      > APRSIS seems to only pick up the packets received by the Kenwood when
      > I have the Kenwood TNC in PACKET12 mode rather than APRS12 mode.

      That would be because you have APRSISCE/32 configured to use PACKET
      mode on the Kenwood. When the Kenwood is in PACKET mode, the internal
      APRS software is removed from the chain, and the raw serial data is
      presented to the computer. You need to configure APRSISCE/32 in APRS
      mode (which Lynn really doesn't like) in order to allow the radio to
      still operate in APRS mode, and then shove the packets out the port to
      the computer as well. This is my preferred mode of operation on the
      D710, but I have not configured the TH-D72 to do the same. I think
      others have on here though. Check the archives.

      > However in PACKET12 mode the packets are no saved at all on the Kenwood
      > which makes me a little worried.

      Don't be worried, the radio is operating perfectly.

      > I have managed to receive a few packets from the BigRedBee, which are plotted on
      > the map perfectly. I then used MultiTrack on the BRB station, which opened another
      > window, but despite more pings coming in no GPX file has been saved.

      That would be position reports... there are no ICMP ping packets in APRS.

      > Also in the sidebar not "Save Track" option is available for these packets. Is they in
      > a format that does not allow them to be saved? Is there anywhere I can go to get
      > this data (Lon. Lat. and Alt.).

      You should be able to save the information. Again others have played
      with that much more that I, and the archives will probably have lots
      of information.

      You can press CTRL-G and then put in a budlist filter parameter for
      your rocket. Another window will open and any packet from your rocket
      will be recorded there. You can copy the data and save it to a text
      file from there.

      The wiki describe the APRS-IS filter parameters.


      You would use something like:


      where MYROCKET would be the callsign of your rocket.

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