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22712Xastir mobile not seen on aprsis32

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  • warpedspeed
    Apr 20, 2013
      Lynn, the BikeMS event is this weekend and my mobile Xastir is not showing up on any of the Windows PCs that are running aprsis32. I am being_digipeated andI-Gated fine. Other APRS clients see me fine.

      I have a slightly older build of Xastir on my home Wx station and aprsis32 sees it fine. I have tried altering my tactical call sign to see if that makes a difference, but no luck.

      This also happened last month on the Tour De Cure. I thought that it was just an anomaly last month, but now it appears that there is an issue.

      My tactical call this weekend is Green-1.


      Dean KD4TWJ
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