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22698RE: [aprsisce] APRS.FI not showing my location???

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  • Fred Hillhouse
    Apr 18, 2013
      It looks like an IGate is close enough.

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      Subject: RE: [aprsisce] APRS.FI not showing my location???


      The log says "this is what I have done". But, it has no way to know the rest of the connection is good. Without a radio, it will still be in the log but nothing will happen.
      How do you know it is transmitting?
      Is the indicator on the radio showing transmit?
      Do you hear it with another radio?
      Have you set the deviation on the radio?
      You should have all three.
      Next, are you in range of an IGate?
      If the PC is connected to the internet, enable APRS-IS and at least your position will go directly. We can then have idea of your location and maybe help answer the last question.
      Or, are you receiving other stations nearby that are showing up online?
      Best regards,
      Fred, N7FMH
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      Sent: Thursday, April 18, 2013 16:56
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      Subject: [aprsisce] APRS.FI not showing my location???


      APRS.FI and FINDU.COM are not showing the location that I am transmitting from home. This using Firefox 20.0.1 and IE 10.0.92.

      Using APRSIS32 I can see my beacons digipeating WIDE thru several different digipeaters and iGates, but none of them iGate out to the internet. I've tried several different configurations but none of them work.

      Here is my transmit log:
      AF8F-1>APWW10,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1:@153332h4119.93N/08141.28WyAPRS-IS for Win32

      Can anyone tell me why this is not working?

      How does an iGate qualify a packet for gating?

      Thank you for your help.

      Bruce AF8F

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