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2268RE: [aprsisce] Bulletin came in handy

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  • Steve
    Aug 4, 2010

      I ment to say add me to your buddy list, and email me and I will add to mine.

      Thanks for the correction Lynn .



      P.S. I plan to do a skydive from 15,000ft I hope to have aprs running and hopefully a video feed onto the net. Even if SSTV.

      I do need to sort this as illegal to transmit from the air in the UK .



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      Sent: 04 August 2010 23:01
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      Subject: Re: [aprsisce] Bulletin came in handy



      Just a minor correction, if you want to receive Steve's bulletins, YOU
      need to add HIM to your buddy list. Just add a b/G6UIM* to the
      Configure / General / Add Filter string. Make sure it is
      blank-separated from other filters you might have in there.

      Or if you want to see the packets of all global APRSISCE/32 users, along
      with their (and Steve's) bulletins, add u/APWM*/WPWW* and you'll see
      lots of Yellow-background stations going by your scrolling station list!

      Oh, and bulletin support is only in the development version
      (http://aprsisce.wikidot.com/development-version) at this point.
      Hopefully I'll be making another general release soon.

      Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

      PS. The launch video was really cool!

      Steve wrote:

      > If you want to make sure you get a bulletin please email me and I will add
      > you to my buddy list, handy if you do the same for me.

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