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2266Bulletin came in handy

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  • Steve
    Aug 4, 2010
      A little off topic.
      I saw a Rocket launch was going today, I am a big fan of watching them,
      since as a 4 year old I watched the first moon landing.
      So I sent out an APRS bulletin that an Ariane launch was on the way, and
      ended up having a good chat with Lynn whilst we watched the launch.
      So from that I plan to send out aprs bulletins when a launch is about to
      That's any rocket launch, not just ones with amateur payload. Also balloon
      launches with amateur payload/aprs tracking.

      I can usually sort the rocket launches with video feeds, but balloon
      launches are harder. It may look like I am on the web 24/7 looking for stuff
      but that not true honest.

      If you want to make sure you get a bulletin please email me and I will add
      you to my buddy list, handy if you do the same for me.

      Also if you see a rocket launch with video feed, or a balloon launch that's
      going to happen, please either aprs message me, with a link if possible or
      email me.
      I will let you have my main email address, but to start email my yahoo mail.

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