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22482Re: [aprsisce] Questions about setup and operation

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  • Rob Giuliano
    Mar 10, 2013
      Most of your questions can be answered on the WIKI at: http://aprsisce.wikidot.com/
        A few of the quick ones that I can answer directly are:
      2)   APRS-IS OK and PK232MBX OK alternating means APRSIS32 did not ahve errors opening the ports.  It alternates between each port that youhave open.
      3) this timer is the countdown to the next beacon.  The 30 minutes means that is what the timing between beacons is set to.
      Rather than go through the entire list, I sugegst you use the WIKI and choose "Site Menu" on the left side.  Down down the list of categories and find each component you have questions on.
      Robert Giuliano

      From: edh9491 <wb6yte@...>
      To: aprsisce@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Sunday, March 10, 2013 5:07 PM
      Subject: [aprsisce] Questions about setup and operation

      After using UI-VIEW for several years I was happy to find another APRS program under active development. After using it for a couple weeks I have several questions about it.

      My objective is to receive APRS packets and messages from local stations over the air and to transmit WX reports from my home weather station over the air.

      It is configured with a PK-232MBX and is receiving APRS traffic over the air. But it looks like my transmitted packets are only going to the internet. I have received and entered my passcode in the client configuration menu. In the Genius Beacon settings the Time Only box is checked and the Min time is 300 seconds. When I set the Min time to 600 seconds it always changes to 300 seconds after closing and re-opening this menu.

      1) In the PHG menu I have set the values but after closing and re-opening the PHG menu the values are reset back to default values.

      2) In the main screen, in the upper left corner just below the menu line there is a white box with several items in it. The top line is alternating at 1 second intervals between 'APRS-IS OK' and 'PK232MBX OK'. What is this telling me?

      4) In the same box there is a count down timer that appears to start at 30 minutes. What does this indicate?

      5) In the same box there are two horizontal progress bars - sometimes green sometimes orange? What do these indicate?

      6) In the Configuration->Ports->APRS-IS menu there are two checkboxes labeled, RF to IS and IS to RF. Do these turn on the relay of traffic in each direction?

      7) In the Configuration->Ports->PK232MBX menu the same two checkboxes are present. I assume the state of the checkboxes on both menus must match the APRS-IS menu for the traffic relay to operate. Correct?

      8) When I press the Accept button in the Configuration->Ports->PK232MBX menu, I hear 4 rapid beeps followed by the WinXP bell sound. I also hear this sequence at the ~5 minute intervals. What does this indicate?

      9) In the same menu there are two other checkboxes labeled, Enable and Transmit Enable. Do these settings enable incoming traffic and outgoing traffic on the PK232MBX respectively?

      10) In the same menu there is a checkbox label 'Inherit' which is checked and not settable. There is also an entry box labeled, 'MyCall-SSID' which is also not settable. Are these options disabled in the software?

      11) A weather object was created with the settings:
      Call sign - WB6YTE-1
      Enabled - checked
      Station - checked
      Via IS - unchecked
      Via RF - checked
      The WX symbol is shown at the correct location on the map - the same as the Home station symbol - but there is no indication that it is transmitting.

      This should be enough for now. Thanks for the help.


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