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  • James Ewen
    Mar 2, 2013
      On Sat, Mar 2, 2013 at 4:19 PM, Adam Mahnke <kc2ant@...> wrote:

      > As James has said you'll need to work with the D710 Manual for Menu
      > 618-620 for the digipeat settings.

      Nope, I said Menu 620... not 618 nor 619.

      > I recommend the following
      > 618 UIDIGI On Alias WIDE1-1
      > 619 UIFLOOD Off
      > 620 UITRACE On Alias WIDE

      618 is a simple alias substitution routine, and should be left off if
      you are going to enable 620 on WIDE.

      620 will enable WIDEn-N digipeating for any combination of values of n
      and N. There is no need to play with menu 618 in this case.

      If you are looking to only act as a fill-in digipeater (ie. only act
      upon WIDE1-1), then leave menu 620 off, and enable Menu 618 as
      indicated above.

      Be aware that menu 618 and 620 act upon the packet differently. 618
      will simply replace the alias with the station callsign, whereas 620
      will insert the station callsign, and then decrement the SSID. In both
      cases the station callsign will be marked as used up, and if the SSID
      of the alias is zero, it too will be marked as used up.

      Both settings will work, and packets will be digipeated, but the
      subsequent packets will look different if anyone is analyzing the raw

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