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22435Re: Quation about Killing DF Objects

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  • pa3bnx
    Mar 1, 2013
      Hello EveryBody,

      I didn't think of the time to kill the frames over
      1200 baud packet link.

      I just thought of sending killed objects over TCPIP
      portlink from SoundDoppler.exe to APRSIS32.exe to the IGate.

      The problem is that the object has different objectnames




      When doing a doppler fox hunt APRS over 1200 baud links
      is not praktical because of the disturbance off
      the doppler bearings while transmitting the APRS packet

      Thats certainly happening if DFing and APRS are on the same band.

      For stationairy doppler station with Internet
      I will always send the objects through APRSIS32.exe to the internet.

      I will check to see if APRSIS32 does kill objects
      when overwritten.

      So I have to check to see if latitude longitude and or
      cse/spd/hdg/nrq are changed but the object name is the same
      it will delete or overwrite the object.

      By the way APRSIS32.exe cannot digipeat between
      a TEXT TCPPort and an other Kiss TNC port.

      Or am I somewhere wrong with this.

      --- In aprsisce@yahoogroups.com, Robert Bruninga <bruninga@...> wrote:
      > Im not following this closely, but killing objects takes a lot of air
      > time.
      > It is better just to UPDATE the existing object and send it with new data.
      > The old one will disappear since the new one replaces it...
      > Will that work?
      > Bob
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      > Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2013 3:21 PM
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      > Subject: [aprsisce] Quation about Killing DF Objects
      > Hello Every Body,
      > Now that I got my SoundDoppler.exe program working with TCPIP to
      > APRSIS32.exe I am thinking of a more sofisticatet way of killing older DF
      > Objects from APRSIS32 screen.
      > I created in my software a checkbox for killing the last object before I
      > send a new DF object.
      > But should I save all the objects in my sounddoppler.exe program and send
      > the killed objects after some time ?
      > I do not have exact control over when the old DF objects are deleted on
      > the APRSIS32 screen.
      > So I was thinking of collecting the older objects in my own program and
      > then when I think the time is there I send all the killed object frames
      > through APRSIS32.exe
      > Or is there a better way in APRSIS32 to decide when the old objects are
      > removed from screen.
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